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Kasamba has a unique policy which allows you to read for three free minutes with any new advisor to see if there is a connection and in the introductory offer, you’ll receive 50% off of your first paid reading. This could be a very good deal depending on the psychic and the amount of time you read with the psychic.

Kasamba offers phone, chat and email psychic reading options. They have psychics that range from $2.00 up to past $20.oo. On the low end it is a little lower than average. On the high end it is much higher than average.

Kasamba’s guarantee only applies to your first reading. They will refund up to $50 of your first reading if you contact them within seven days. This is fair at the beginning but makes it hard moving forward. However, they do offer that three free minutes for you to use with psychics you haven’t read with before. This helps mitigate the weak guarantee. Reason being, you’ll have the three free minutes to determine if there is in fact a connection.

It does appear to be a network of psychics with no vetting. When this is the case you must spend much more time vetting the psychics personally by reading customer reviews and ratings in hope of finding a psychic that you connect with. I believe that the psychics set their own prices. This could be problematic, especially when reading with higher price psychics. Just take your time and read the reviews and make an intelligent decision based on the information in front of you.

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