Empath, What is an Empath?

How Can An Empath Help Me?

Empaths may have the ability to pick up on the feelings, emotions and even thoughts of other people. Empaths are extremely sensitive to the emotions of other people and some are said to have the ability to read not only another person’s emotions, but the thoughts and emotions of people connected to that person. This could be an excellent asset if you were curious as to what your significant other is thinking or feeling. Some empaths are even said to be able to predict the future of relationships. Empaths by definition are normally very compassionate which would stand to reason as they can “feel” the emotions of people they interact with. Psychics are often labeled as being empathic or intuitive. These terms seem to be used interchangeably when describing these abilities.
Simply in regards to our own mental happiness and spiritual well being, empaths seem to be of value. Imagine the years of therapy that could be saved by simply speaking with an empath. For instance, a lot of times we don’t truly understand ourselves, what is causing us to feel or act the way we do. If there was an individual who was far more experienced in identifying and articulating feelings who could also feel and experience our emotions for us and identify the root cause of them without having to deal with the trepidation that was masking the true emotions in the first place. The progress that could be made in resolving issues, as well as the personal growth that could be achieved would be interesting to see.

Some people consider certain empaths to be nature’s healers. As specific empaths are thought to be able to locate and diagnose physical ailments in others by, “feeling” their pain. Many healers now and in the past are known to place their hands on their patients in order to locate the problem area. This ability is also associated with being an empath. It would be interesting to discover if this ability could be culminated in empaths that are more geared toward the emotional end of the spectrum. Many of these healers in various cultures are said to be able to find the source of the pain, take the pain into their own bodies and route it into the atmosphere thus curing or relieving the client of their ailment.
Empaths are thought to greatly help in a relationship advice as they can again, pick up on your thoughts and emotions as well as the people connected to you. This type of information could be very beneficial especially during times of relationship turmoil, as information could give you insight into another person’s feelings that you care about. This could help you to approach whatever topic is causing the issues with a clearer understanding of the other person’s position and why they are feeling the way they are. This could allow you to carefully and conscientiously navigate that issue that you are having while being sensitive to the true causes. This would not only allow to have a clearer understanding of the person’s feelings while giving you a deeper appreciation for their stance, but it could also allow you to position yourself advantageously while discussing resolutions while remaining sensitive to their core emotions which are driving them.

One thing that empaths are said to truly detest is deception or lies which they pick up on almost immediately. They are also thought to be able to determine individuals intentions. This ability could definitely help mitigate damage caused in our lives by people who are not genuine in their motives. For example, if we were seeing someone who planned on cheating on us with someone else and then breaking up the moment their new relationship showed promise. This information would let us know our value in that person’s heart and we could take steps to protect ourselves emotionally and even financially if our funds were commingled. It could also save us years of pain if ultimately we knew this individual would leave us.

Empaths have also been said to be able to see the future of a relationship instantly upon speaking or meeting someone. Some empaths seem to have this intuitive knowledge and how much could that information help in a new relationship? Suppose you are in a new relationship and you get stood up at the restaurant. I myself, would never call the girl again or answer any calls from her. Unless, for instance, an empath told me that I had finally met my soulmate. This is the person I am supposed to spend the rest of my life with. With this information, one may tend to be a little more forgiving and interested in seeing the relationship move into fruition. There are too many benefits to be reaped from speaking with a talented empath with true ability. They are especially beneficial in areas relating to the heart. It can always be a good idea to have an empath to consult with during various events during your life. Their talents and abilities can be utilized to help you in your life. This is just fine with empaths as they have an instilled desire to help people.



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35 Signs You Are An Empath

1. You will not like to be around crowds as you will feel this to be emotionally draining.

2. You will  have a hard time around people with negative energy as this will also be draining.

3. You may feel the need to solve people’s problems for them as you feel their pain.

4. You may have a hard time watching TV, news and violent movies.

5. Empaths may also seem introverted when it is actually tiring for them to be around a lot of people or in social situations.

 6. Empaths are very aware of the feelings and emotions of people around them.

 7. People will tend to open up to you with personal information.

 8. You may not take a compliment well but are very fast to compliment other people.

 9. It may be very important for you to talk things out.

 10. Music can also have a very strong effect you.

 11. Empaths like to have alone time in order to recharge.

 12. You may have vast mood swings as you pick up on the emotions of others.

 13. Lucid dreaming is also common in empaths.

 14. It is said that Deja vous is a common occurrence for emaths.

 15. Empaths seem to have an innate knowledge of things they have not been taught.

 16. You will know when you are being lied to.

 17. You may know details as to why a particular person is distraught without being told.

 18. You may be creative and love things of beauty including spiritual items that may bring you peace.

 19. Empaths tend to get sick easily.

 20. You may have a strong connection to animals and them with you.

 21.You are often very tired to the point of exhaustion.

 22. You not only feel but actually take on the emotions of people around you.

 23. You are completely upfront about your feelings to the point of almost being rude.

 24. Empaths are mostly passive though they attempt to repair any discord in the harmony around them.

 25. You will detest all forms of violence.

 26. You will detest music with negative messages.

 27. Empaths can be very expressive people in various forms of the arts, from dance, music and so much more.

28. Complete strangers will find it themselves confiding in you with very personal information that they may not share with anyone else.

29. You may see the outcome of a couple’s relationship upon meeting them.

30. You will innately know what people’s true motivations are.

31. You will focus until you solve your or others problems.

 32. Empaths need to be stimulated and abhor doing things they don’t like.

 33. Empaths know when they are being deceived and it is almost impossible to pull the wool over their eyes.

34. Empaths are prone to overeating, drug use and other impulsive type behaviors.

 35. Empaths love new things that are exciting such as travel, new places and experiences.

If you feel like you fit a lot of the above characteristics, you may be an empath. I would suggest speaking with another empath to determine how to best cope with your gifts. This is important as empaths can get sick easily, frustrated and have a difficult time in life if they don’t develop adequate shielding processes. I would suggest speaking with an empath from Ask Now. They have an introductory rate of five free minutes and $1 a minute packages. This could be important for you to speak with an empath who is also an advisor and can relate to your gifts and help you in coping with these feelings. I would suggest the following empathic advisors from  Ask Now. You can also call them at 888-976-7222 and request one of the following empathic advisors. Look at the photos and use your own intuition to see if there is an advisor you might feel a connection with. Call them up and get your questions answered.