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Psychic Readings and What to Look For

You really want to do business with a company that has a strong vetting process for their psychics. This is important because you will know that you have a much better chance of receiving a quality psychic reading. Another thing to look for is a good introductory offer. Try and purchase the maximum minutes offered as these are typically only offered to new clients. This will be important as you will want a chance to read with different psychics as it may take a few psychic readings to find a psychic that you connect with. Also, take a look at their refund policy. Time or money back is a nice option to give you more opportunities to find that psychic that you will connect with. It is also nice to be able to read the psychic’s profile or testimonials which will give you a better idea of the talents and style of the psychic before receiving a psychic reading.

How To Choose A Great Psychic

Take your time choosing the psychic service you wish to use. You can decide whether you want a phone psychic reading, or by chat or even email. Price is an important factor to take into consideration as well. Once you have decided on a service to use, it will be important to take advantage of the introductory offers. Purchase the largest package available. These introductory offers are created for new customers to try their service. Psychic readings are expensive. This is why you should purchase the largest package available while you are getting your readings at a discounted rate. This will give you the most time available to find that psychic that can give you the best psychic reading. You may get lucky and find that great psychic on your first attempt. If you don’t however, it will be advantageous to have as much read time as possible, and you will also want to take advantage of any return or refund policy the service offers. This too will give you more time to find that great psychic.

Many sites have search filters that you can utilize to aid in finding that perfect psychic. Use these filters to determine the talents and style that you are looking for. Once this is done, it is always a good idea to read the profile of the psychic as well as the reviews. You should be patient and choose a psychic that is currently on a call and even that has a few callers waiting to speak with them. This is an indication that the psychic is popular. People who get psychic readings often go back to the psychics who have provided accurate information in the past.  As the psychic develops a clientele the good ones seem to always be busy. Keep in mind that most psychics set their own schedules, so if a psychic only works a couple hours a day and has a decent following they will almost always have callers waiting, at the same time a psychic with similar talents who works longer hours may not always be busy. You should if possible look at the psychics schedule. This is also a good idea because you may also get a better better psychic reading at the beginning of a psychic’s shift as opposed to the end. Like in any occupation an individual may perform better at the beginning of their shift when they are well rested.

After you have chosen your psychic and begin your reading, I prefer to give the psychic as little information as possible. For instance, if I am getting a reading on a relationship, I will only give the psychic my partners name and ask whatever question that I have. I will look for clues that they are able to pick up on this individual. Good psychics are often able to provide many details on personality, physical attributes as well as the the nature of the relationship. If they are not able to give me information that shows me they are truly connected to this individual or are wrong in statements I will immediately end the call. It has been my experience that psychic reading do not get better as time goes by if they are off the mark at the beginning. In other words, do not stay on with psychic if they are off. Immediately say thank you and hang up. Psychic readings are not cheap and should be terminated as soon as you get that feeling that there are inaccuracies. My average psychic reading is only about six minutes. I will not hesitate to hang up the moment I get that feeling that things are off.  I will spend my hard earned money reading with a different psychic whose abilities I can validate. Keep in mind, just because I don’t connect with a psychic in no way suggests that the psychic has no abilities or is a fraud. What I have found is that not all people connect with all psychics. For example, I could suggest a psychic that I know has true innate abilities to you. You could read with that psychic and feel completely different. The way I see it is that we are all in a large web, and how we connect with a psychic has to do with how close we are to that psychic on the web. Some are closer and some are farther which determines whether we are able to be read or not. That being said, I do not believe that all psychics on these services have true abilities, at the same time I can not discount any psychic just because I wasn’t able to get a psychic reading that I was satisfied with. In fact I have had psychics tell me that they couldn’t read me and to speak with another psychic. In reality, none of this really matter to you. Basically, all you need to concern yourself with is whether or not a psychic is able to read you or not. If not, simply finish the reading as quickly as possible.

Once you have found a few psychics who are able to read you and provide accurate predictions, it is always a good idea to stick with these psychics for your readings. It is too costly to continue to seek the advice of psychics of whom have no proven track record with you.

Ask Now Review

Ask Now has one of the best introductory rates of $10 for 15 minutes. They also have another offer which seem better, in which you can purchase up to 30 minutes for $30 and they give you a free five minutes with a “Master Adviser”. These Master Advisers charge up to $13 a minute. So that value alone is worth up to $65. This doesn’t even take into consideration the huge savings at the $1.oo a minute. Their psychics range in pricing from $4.00 to $13.00 a minute. This is a little high but still close enough to average pricing.

Their guarantee only promises 10 minutes back on your first reading. It looks like that is in time as well not a refund to the credit card. So not the best guarantee in the industry.

Their website states that psychics are thoroughly vetted prior to being hired. “Our psychics are screened, scrutinized, tested and handpicked by our highly experienced Master Psychic Managers. Only a small fraction of the hundreds of psychics who apply are actually accepted into our exclusive network of psychic advisers”. This again, is good news for someone looking for that authentic reading.

Ask Now offers both chat and phone options for your readings. Ask Now has a decent filter which allows you to choose between phone, chat, the dollar levels of the psychics, availability as well as the topics of the readings. They don’t have filters for abilities. They do have filters for some types of tools used.
Call  1-888-976-7222

Psychic Source Review

Psychic Source offers three free minutes with any $1.00 per minute package purchased. They will go up to 30 minute packages on the introductory offer. They offer phone and chat readings. Their regular rates start at about $4.00 a minute which is middle of the road as far as psychic services are concerned, the go up to about $9.00 a minute which in the higher category.

Psychic Source has been in business for over 25 years and discuss their rigorous psychic screening process on the website This is great news when you are attempting to get an authentic psychic reading. They have a strong reputation for providing quality readings. They also allow customers to post both negative and positive reviews on the psychics, which is helpful.

 They have a search criteria that you can use to find psychics by style, specialty, tools used (if any), gifts and topics.  You can listen to the psychics prerecorded bio to see if you feel a connection and like what you hear.

They offer a full credit on your last reading if requested within 24 hours. They will credit back up to twenty minutes in talk time to your reading account but not your credit card. Honestly, if you are on with a psychic for more than twenty minutes you really shouldn’t be requesting a refund anyway. Psychic Source seems to stand by their psychics and service.
Call 1-866-509-6045

Hollywood Psychics Review

Hollywood Psychics has a dollar per minute introductory offer. You can either purchase a $10, $20, or $30 package. They will throw in three free minutes on top of any package you order. After the introductory period all of their psychics are priced at the same rate, which is around five dollars a minute. This is a solid introductory rate. 

They have a vetting process in which according to Hollywood Psychics, “Our psychic line is staffed with gifted psychics screened by their peers and by customers to ensure authentic psychic readings”.  Which to me sounds like a great idea. If you have psychics screening psychic for psychic abilities then how can you go wrong?

You have either a chat or phone option with their psychics. You can decide which you want to use as you scroll through their available psychics. They have a search criteria that you can use to find psychics by style, specialty, tools used (if any), gifts and even English or Spanish options.  You can listen to the psychics prerecorded bio to see if you feel a connection.  

Hollywood Psychics has a refund policy which states that they will refund your last psychic reading if you are unhappy with it as long as the request is made within one business day of having the reading. They do however reserve the right to refuse credits or refund request for any reason. They proudly claim to have, “Easiest Return Policy Ever”.
 Call 1-855-970-0262

Keen Psychic Review

Keen has a couple introductory offers. One is, three free minutes with their dollar per minute packages. They also offer ten minutes for $1.99. Their psychics range in cost from about $2.00 to over $35.00 a minute. On the low end it is a little lower than average. On the high end it is much higher than average. 

It does appear to be a network of psychics with no vetting. When this is the case you must spend much more time vetting the psychics personally by reading customer reviews and ratings in hope of finding a psychic that you connect with. I believe that the psychics set their own prices. This could be problematic, especially when reading with higher price psychics. Just take your time and read the reviews and make an intelligent decision based on the information in front of you.

Keen will only return up to $25 for unsatisfactory readings. You must email them within three days to receive this credit. Additional information in the email must be provided. This is not a refund to your card, it is only in Keen time. You can only get time back for one unsatisfactory reading a month.  

Keen has been in business since 1999, and have over 1,700 psychics, so variety will never be an issue with Keen. Their search filters are not as extensive as other services. There are a lot of psychics that have been there for a long time, which bodes well for them and the service.

Kasamba Psychic Review

Kasamba has a unique policy which allows you to read for three free minutes with any new advisor to see if there is a connection and in the introductory offer, you’ll receive 50% off of your first paid reading. This could be a very good deal depending on the psychic and the amount of time you read with the psychic.

Kasamba offers phone, chat and email psychic reading options. They have psychics that range from $2.00 up to past $20.oo. On the low end it is a little lower than average. On the high end it is much higher than average.

Kasamba’s guarantee only applies to your first reading. They will refund up to $50 of your first reading if you contact them within seven days. This is fair at the beginning but makes it hard moving forward. However, they do offer that three free minutes for you to use with psychics you haven’t read with before. This helps mitigate the weak guarantee. Reason being, you’ll have the three free minutes to determine if there is in fact a connection.

It does appear to be a network of psychics with no vetting. When this is the case you must spend much more time vetting the psychics personally by reading customer reviews and ratings in hope of finding a psychic that you connect with. I believe that the psychics set their own prices. This could be problematic, especially when reading with higher price psychics. Just take your time and read the reviews and make an intelligent decision based on the information in front of you.

Psychic Readings

Psychics Speak With Father In a Coma


I recently spoke with a woman who was going through a very difficult time in life.  She was dealing with the illness of her father who at the time was in a coma.  Given this being a very difficult period of her life she sought the consultation of psychics from a large psychic service. This article will explain what this woman experienced with her psychic readings and bring up questions associated with it. For the purpose of this article we’ll call her “Angela”.


I initially spoke to Angela who was in what seemed to be a calm but emotional state. Angela explained to me that her father was in a coma, and she was very distressed at the illness of her father. She expressed that it was traumatizing to see her father incapacitated and in such a deteriorated state. She mentioned that her father had always been so strong and was always the one who took care of everybody else. To see him in this reduced condition was shocking to her. He was a barely a shadow of the man he used to be. She expressed remorse at not being able to tell him that she loved him. However, Angela did know that her father knew how she felt about him, though she wish she was afforded the opportunity to reaffirm this.    

The Psychic Readings

Angela chose to speak with several psychics about her father. According to Angela, one psychic told her that her father had relayed that his left  leg itched and that one of the nurses with brown hair was being rough with him as she handled him. Angela told me that she did find a rash on her father’s left leg and she also suspected the brown hair nurse of being rough with her father. All of these psychics gave her hope that her father may come out of it.

A colleague of mine spoke with Angela after she had a final reading with a psychic who told her that her father was going to pass on Saturday, the way he was going to pass. She also mentioned a friend of her father’s by name who was going to stop by and pay his respects to him. Sadly, her father did die on that Saturday morning and her father’s friend that the last psychic mentioned by name who Angela did not know did show up at the hospital to pay his respects.

The Analysis

I do believe in psychic ability though I very much doubt it is as prevalent as it is portrayed. Given that the first few psychics who read for Angela gave her hope that her father would live,  I wonder if they were simply telling her what she wanted to hear.

With Angela being told that the nurse was being rough with her father, you have to wonder if this may be somewhat common in these situations and difficult to prove or disprove despite Angela’s intuition. The rash on the left leg is more difficult to explain. Had it been simply relayed that her father said he itched, this could be considered a generalization and simply explained that any coma patient will begin to see bedsores if they are not moved frequently and these most commonly do occur on the the ankles, hips, buttocks, and heels. So this too could have be considered an educated guess. At the same time, a rash was found on the left leg and not both legs or the right leg.

In the last reading the psychic gave details and the day that her father would die. The psychic also gave the name of an old friend of her father’s that would come by the hospital and pay his respects. Someone that Angela had never heard of, only to meet him like the last psychic said she would. I have a hard time explaining any of this except that Angela had received a very good and accurate psychic reading. To predict the day, and details consistent with how he actually died is much more difficult to explain. To give a friends name that would come by the hospital would be a huge stretch to explain by coincidence.  

Let’s say for the sake of argument, psychic mediums can communicate with the dead. If an individual is not conscious and in a coma, what mental state is this? Could a psychic medium actually speak with a person who is neither dead nor conscious? Or are they simply connecting to this person’s thoughts? I had to find out.

The Psychic’s response

I was able to speak with one of the first psychics who spoke with Angela, and I asked the psychic  if she could communicate with someone in a coma. She said that she could could, and that the person is basically between here and the other side. She said that she does it through her spirit guide and that she could in fact ask and relay messages. Which she was able to do in this instance. I then asked her if she could tell that the person in a coma was going to die, and if so would she tell the client. She responded by saying at times she would be  aware of an imminent death and she would be bound by organizational rules to not tell the client.

This would explain why the other psychics did not tell Angela about her father’s impending death, if they did in fact see it coming.


The conclusion is what it often ends up being in these types of situations, you either believe or you don’t. You could chalk it all up to coincidence or a true psychic experience. In my mind, when there are enough facts relayed that it would be statistically impossible for a person to guess, given the empirical evidence,  you have to draw a conclusion that there are true psychics who can give accurate psychic readings. This is especially interesting in a situation where an individual in a coma. As this can’t be a common occurrence. Either way, Angela was comforted by the psychics who helped put her at ease over the passing of her father. That’s what is most important in the end.